Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

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The story begins in 2001 with a memory. A memory of an event that took place in 1975. Amir is the one who will be narrating this story. This event is said to have changed his whole life and the person he becomes in the future. Amir recalls this event taking place in Kabul, Afghanistan when he was still a child. Amir grew up comfortably. He had a nice home, he ate well, he had servants, he had everything he ever needed and wanted. Amir lived with Baba, his father who raised him since Amir’s mother had died during childbirth. Amir mentions time and time again that he feels Baba hates him and blames him for killing his mother. Amir’s best friend’s name is Hassan. Hassan and his father, Ali, work for Baba and Amir as their servants. Hassan looks…show more content…
Assef wanted the kite that Hassan ran for. But since Hassan knew that Amir really wanted the kite, he refused to give it to them. Wali and Kamal held Hassan down as Assef raped him. Amir was standing there watching them, and then he ran away. He pretended he had seen nothing. This traumatic event haunts Amir for the rest of his life. He always feels this sense of guilt for not stepping in and trying to save Hassan. Needless to say they drift apart, and soon have no communication at all. Fast forward past all the struggles Amir and his father faced, Amir returned to Kabul to save Hassan’s son after he is told by Rahim Khan that Hassan was killed by the Taliban. Amir finds Hassan’s son when he goes to see Assef. Amir ends up getting a beating by Assef, the man who had raped Hassan and was now raping Hassan’s son, Sohrab. Amir feels that this is what he deserves for never saving Hassan; he feels as if he’s healing. They manage to escape, and although they had some trouble getting to America, they did. Amir and his wife Soraya, take care of Sohrab. The story ends with Amir teaching Sohrab how to fly a kite, and teaching him his dad’s favorite

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