Classification Of Schizophrenia Research

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Schizophrenia: Research and Development Schizophrenia is a disease that affects the mind and psychological processes but does not actually deteriorate the mind, such as dementia. It is believed to be around since ancient Egypt, where archaeologist discovered skulls with holes “drilled” into them to supposedly to “release the spirits.” The mental illness of schizophrenia was discovered in 1887 by Dr. Emile Kraepelin however, the name “schizophrenia” wasn’t coined until the past 100 years when it was renamed by Eugen Bleuler. He was the first to categorize schizophrenia symptoms into to “positive” or “negative.” There are now five different classifications of schizophrenia: disorganized, catatonic, paranoid, undifferentiated and residual. The

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