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“Hosseini's work does a great job of exploring the horrors of the Taliban in specific regards to women. I don't think that it can be overlooked in terms of the sadness that Hassan writes to Amir about the difficulties of life under the Taliban. It is not a mistake that Hassan makes specific mention of how Farzana assaulted and mistreated simply for speaking in a loud voice in the marketplace. In chapter 21, the detail of how the people in the soccer stadium were dressed in terms of the long pants is another reminder of how life for women was fundamentally transformed under the rule of the Taliban.The stoning of the couple accused of adultery was something targeted at both, but somehow women ended up paying more of a price for such actions.…show more content…
In The Kite Runner, Rahim Khan illustrates the fear in Kabul in this time. He keep in mind, "The infighting involving the group was violent and no person knew if he would live to witness the end of the day. Our ears became familiar to the rumble of shooting, our eyes proverbial with the view of men digging bodies out of heaps of remains. Kabul in those years ... Was as near as you may possibly get to that recognizable hell on earth." subsequently in 1996, the Taliban acquire control of Kabul. Following so many years of violence and insecurity, the populace welcomed the occupation. Rahim Khan recall, "...(kite Runner enotes) We were all great in 1996 when the Taliban took over in and put a stop to the everyday fighting." The Taliban group was of Pashtun supremacists who lined together and take roughly complete power of Afghanistan country. In spite of their warm first reception, they almost immediately made life in Afghanistan hazardous once more. Being Sunni fundamentalists supremacists, they thoroughly massacred Shiites as well as the Hazara inhabitants. They as well endorse fundamentalist bylaw, most notably those banning dance and music, and those harshly limititing women's civil rights. In The Kite Runner, we observe how the Taliban applied violence and fear to control the citizens of Afghanistan, for instance at the frequent implementation in Ghazi Stadium.” (Blizek, William. "Kite Runner." 11.2 (2007). Print.) (kite Runner

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