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Siddhartha Siddhartha has a perfect life, he was born into royalty, wealth, education, and everybody in his village loved him, so why did he leave? He decided to leave his village in search for new perspective on life. He left for group of people called the Samana’s, with his best friend, named Govinda. Siddhartha and Govinda leave them because they cannot gain wisdom from the group; instead they search for a Buddha named Gotama. When they find Gotama Siddhartha strongly disagrees with the Buddha, but Govinda loves him so Siddhartha decides to leave and Govinda stays. While Siddhartha is in search for Nirvana he comes across a town where he meets a beautiful girl named Kamala. After he meets Kamala he lets himself go and gets addicted to many…show more content…
An example of samsara is “I am a sinner, you are a sinner, but someday the sinner will be a Brahman again, will someday attain nirvana, will someday become a Buddha.” (Hesse 124) Another example of) samsara is “Samsara led to Siddhartha being reborn to get another chance to reach Nirvana.” (Hesse100) The quotes show that Siddhartha must experience samsara to reach enlightenment and break the reincarnation cycle. In order to break the cycle you have to experience the best and worst parts of…show more content…
Another quote is “He was horrified and his heart ached as if he had thrown away with this dead songbird all that was good value in him.” (Hesse 82) This symbolizes Siddhartha’s dream to reach enlightenment and become a Buddha and when the songbird died so did his

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