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Reading is important because everybody can learn something from it. For example, Kevin Clarke is a sophomore in high school, who wished he read more, because reading about 40 pages was hard for him. Also Sharon Cho is another example. She is a girl who lives in singapore, whose main source of entertainment was in fact, reading comic books. Sharon’s parents didn’t enjoy her reading comic books. And I, Sabrina Wong, an average teenager who had an above average reading level, which dropped to a below average reading level. To break through that hardship, I was tutored for a few years. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain the struggles and how they solved their problem. Kevin Clarke, a high school sophomore, has struggles with reading all his life. He never enjoyed reading, and one of his teachers in the fourth grade called him “stupid.” Ever since then, Kevin hated reading even more, even though high school demands a lot of reading. According to Kevin, “Each night I might have to read 15 pages in a biology book, 10 pages in an english book, 15 more for history. That’s an immense amount for me.” (“Kevin Clarke”, from speaking of reading paragraph 9). This means that reading is hard for him. This matters, because if he can’t read, then he can’t succeed in his school life, or career.…show more content…
The comic books were her main source for entertainment. She grew up in singapore mainly speaking chinese at home. She went to school 30% of the time. Ever since reading comic books, her imagination and her vocabulary has been expanding every time she reads. According to Sharon, “Reading comic books gave me sense of feeling special.” (“Sharon Cho,” Speaking of Reading, paragraph 2). In this statement, the author proposes that reading gave her a special feeling. This matters because making herself feel special makes her life ten times

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