The White Tiger

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In The White Tiger, Adiga Shows Us That Corruption Is The Only Way Out Of One's Destiny Which Imposed By The Indian Government Through Restrictions, Such As The Caste System. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga contains a number of powerful critiques over the Indian government, which is especially exposed in the Second Night of the novel. It examines the structural errors and questions the foundation of this corrupt government. Through Balram's quest of becoming an entrepreneur, Adiga demonstrates a system in which individuals are born into a predetermined fate, where a human being no longer has a choice in his life. Hence is driving into committing crimes to earn his freedom. I decided to concentrate on the caste system because of foreordained identity and fate presented from the passage concerning the zoo analogy on page 53 and 54, which is still very much present in the 21st century India. This passage is situated right after Balram kisses up to the Stork, who then asks him a crucial question about which caste he belonged to, and that is where my analysis starts from.…show more content…
Balram preferred this "clean, well kept . . .and orderly" system, even though the social structure was inflexible and the individuals fates were predestined. However because of the arrival of the British and their lack of understanding towards the caste system, it caused the structure of Indian society to collapse. Hence when the British departed chaos

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