The Usual Suspects Analysis

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“The Usual Suspects” movie, directed by Bryan Singer, exposed to its audience in a plot twist ending, that it was most ‘unusual’ suspect’, who was “the devil”. A character branded as stupid and crippled was revealed to be Keyser Soze, the character in the film who kills his own kids and wife to show the mob who is in control. Not to mention that he also kills members of the mob and their kids, parents, and friends; burned down their houses; and the people who owed them money. He’s an immoral criminal lord but "the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."; and that is exactly what he does in this movie. Remarkably, the entire movie is told in his perspective; the “devil” was essentially hiding in plain sight. The movie begins with a ship being set on fire by an unknown figure followed by an…show more content…
The rest of the movies’ plot focuses on Verbal Kint’s interrogation as a suspect with a customs agent, Dave Kuja, about what happened on the ship and why it took place. Verbal tells his perspective of the story, beginning 6 weeks ago at a police line-up due for a suspected hijacking with himself and 4 other people: McManus, Keaton, Todd Hockney and Fenster. They are only held for one night due to lack of evidence but that night, to get revenge on the police, the group comes up with a plan to bust a taxi-service operated by corrupt NY cops that helped drive around drug dealers and smugglers in police cars, and they succeed. Afterwards, they are contacted by a lawyer, Kobayashi, who says that he is representing internationally feared criminal, Keyser Söze, and he has a job for them to do. The group is blackmailed by Soze to do the job because soze has compiled lists of everything that each guy has done, and Kobayashi showed them the files. Moreover, the outcome of their job is the opening scene in the movie;

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