Definition Essay: Mediocrity As A State Of Mind

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Merriam - Webster Dictionary defines mediocrity as the quality of something that is not very good; however, I define mediocrity as a state of mind or being. By this I mean that there are some occasions when people don’t have a choice in the way their lives unfold. But, most of us do have a choice and fail to put forth the necessary work and actions necessary to achieve more than, good enough. One reason this occurs is because some people fear failure so they don’t desire to do anything outside of their comfort zone. Instead of making an effort to stretch themselves, they would rather set on the sidelines and hope that opportunities will come their way. They fail to comprehend that life doesn’t work that way. Most of the times, in order to go far beyond just making it as…show more content…
It’s all up to you to determine whether or not you want others to dictate what your life goals or accomplishments should be. Shut down all the naysayers around you and if necessary pluck them out of your life. You don’t have time for nonsense because you have to get out in the world and do your thing! One quality that set adults aside from young children is that children enjoy discovering the unknown. They say what’s on their mind and they freely take on risks without worrying about the repercussions. That’s the attitude required to achieve your goals. One day, I was observing my youngest granddaughter as she was trying to climb onto one of my dining room chairs. Though the chair initially, appeared to be too high for her to climb onto, somehow, she climbed onto the chair and proceeded to stand on it. In a firm voice I told her to sit down and she suddenly became still and sat down slowly. It was clear to me that she was trying to decide whether or not she wanted to obey me or continue standing on the seat of the chair. Had I not put restrictions on her, she would have stood on the seat and probably tried to jump on it because she loves to

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