The Importance Of Individuality In The United States Army

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Uniformity is a very old tradition used in the services of the United States and around the world to show or represent an idea or a group. In the United States military we use uniformity to ultimately strip away any sense of individualism and self, to help preserve order and structure to the giant military machine. This allows commanders and other leaders to easily gain and maintain control over their subordinates. Looking from a military and war time point of view, we find that using a common uniform is important for identifying friendly forces in combat, and for hiding the commanders and leaders from potential harm from the enemy which would lead to the fighting force without direction. Luckily the succession of command was implemented in…show more content…
It is preferred that everyone dress, act, eat, and live the same way. When a leader is dealing with their subordinates on a large scale, uniformity is important to strip away that individualism and prevents soldiers from thinking or potentially acting outside the limits the leaders with to impose. If soldiers of the military were to have some small grasp of individualism, they tend to get the impression they can do whatever they want. This can lead to unfortunate events such as fun, excessive drinking, joy riding, dating questionable individuals, or potentially getting arrested for breaking laws. This can all be prevented by taking away any sense of individualism the individuals may have, and instead imposing a long, complicated and overly written set of rules and regulations to help instill the sense of group, and remove any doubt that a person can do as they see fit. This is especially helpful since soldiers or other uniformed individuals can then depend on others to tell them what to get and how to wear, dramatically dropping the amount of thinking required for style in the morning. Even if the person wishes to wear items that are more comfortable, or serve a better purpose, we can rest assured that uniformity, especially seen in the military, can strip away any of those thoughts, and allow the user to focus on their job, less the pain from the lack of high quality

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