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Journey to America The Afzal family is a very big one, considering I have more than 10 aunts/uncles, 40 cousins, and lots of other relatives. My entire family’s history is fairly vast, and I would never be able to map the history of both my mother’s side and my father’s side within ~3 pages, so my father’s side of the family will be my focus. My father was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in the year 1966. He is the oldest of six children, having 2 younger sisters and 3 younger brothers. My grandfather was a pharmacist and an avid businessman. He lived in Puli Khumri, Afghanistan with his wife, six children, and extended family in a very large house that could be perceived as a mansion. Some cooks and maids worked in this house for my grandfather.…show more content…
Being far away from his family and being in political asylum made my grandfather pretty depressed, along with his money dwindling from how expensive the states were. Wanting his kids out of the country of Afghanistan, he hired some relatives to take his family to Iran. My grandfather started the refugee process for his family, which took ~11 months for the refugee application to be approved. The family along with ~80 other people travelled across the desert so they could smuggle across the border. My father was 13 years old at the time, which made the trip fairly tough for him. After they successfully made it to Iran, they stayed there for 13 months. My grandfather realized that he still wouldn’t be able to see his family because he couldn’t get a plane to Iran, so he decided that his family should go to Pakistan instead. The family went to Pakistan and stayed there for 10 months until they could finally get to the United States. In 1981, my dad’s family arrived in the United States. My grandfather was unable to receive a majority of his assets left in Afghanistan, which left them with less money than they expected. After staying a year in Minnesota for a year, my grandfather took a trip to Portland, OR, and decided he liked the city, so in 1982, my father’s family

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