A Rhetorical Analysis Of Chipotle

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In current day society advertisements are unavoidable to the mass public. Ads are located throughout buildings, media, etc. These ads all try to persuade us as individuals to perform a task such as buying an object or making a call to action all ads do this through pathos, ethos, and logos. Chipotle is a company that has a plethora of examples that truly represents this. In this chipotle ad the visual is very easy on the eyes making it an enjoyable product to look at. As well it has a picture of the items that are served at chipotle. The ad does not really have a main focus and essentially everything in the ad is equal. The font is also very relaxed along with the color schemes of the words making it more relatable to all ages making the…show more content…
Which shows the audience that the ingredients in the food from chipotle is indeed at the highest quality unlike numerous other restraints such as Taco Bell, McDonalds, and many others. This makes chipotle ethos very strong as well it says it is hand-crafted. This lets the audience know that the employees at Chipotle are putting time and effort into their food unlike other restaurants. Chipotle is essentially showing the individual that they have food that was made with a lot preparation and effort making them a more credible restaurants then others such as Moe’s. The company’s credibility is set to such a high caliber with these statements, which also makes them look like they are in a league of their own. This gets the viewer to want to purchase the food from Chipotle, due to the fact the viewer believes they are actually getting a high quality meal and a good bit of preparation and care is put into the viewer’s…show more content…
It states it is food culture changing, which makes the reader want to be a part of this culture shift and not be left out. As well the ad appeals to the sense of taste by saying that the burrito is extremely delicious, which would make anyone who likes food want to try a chipotle burrito. Another way pathos is used is to show that chipotle cares about local business’s rather than large corporations by stating they support local farmers. This makes the viewer feel like they are supporting people in their area and gives the viewer a morale reason to buy food from Chipotle. This reason makes the reader want to buy chipotle’s food because it is helping the underdog out rather than the large corporations. Essentially pathos is being used to make the customer happy about buying their product since they are benefiting society is drastic way by purchasing it. The ad states “it’s not just a burrito” this gives the burrito an effect where it seems the burrito is lot more important in the greater scheme of things. This comment alone makes the reader think this burrito is something more important than just a burrito it is a change is the fast-food

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