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I read, White American Youth, by Christian Picciolini. The foreword w is written by Joan Jett, a rock star of the 80s. In the foreword She said, “I admire him greatly, not because he once hated, but because he once hated and he fought hard against his own muddled determination and discovered his prejudice and bigotry were paper-thin lies.” Christian Picciolini used to be in a skinhead neo-Nazi group as a teenager and eventually became the leader of the extremely violent group. In a moment he had a change of heart and has spent his life since that time helping people who have the same mindset as he once had as a teenager and what they can do to change and grow. He has influenced the world by his efforts to bring people with strong prejudice into a place of acceptance. His ability to reach people who have long standing strong beliefs, like his own beliefs in the past, has allowed him to change lives. The three main central focuses connecting to my main premise are; Christian Picciolini cofounded Life After Hate, which is an…show more content…
In 2009 Christian picciolini cofounded Life After hate as a literary magazine ( Dave Davies 10 ). The Life after Hate magazine was a place where others could relate to Christians story. Life after hate is a 501(c) (3) organization which means the organization is tax exempt as it does not try to make a profit, but they put all their profits back into the work they support. Christian picciolini also works closely with ADL- “Anti-Defamation League” where he trains law enforcement on extremist and terrorist threats, helping them understand the mindset of a racist ( Anti-Defamation League, 2018 ). In conclusion; Christian picciolini not only helps ex- supremacists, but also helps the fight against racism and supremacy by informing people on how to understand a racist, this is important because cops should be informed about what they may deal with on the

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