Syrian Refugees Research Paper

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The history of the world tells that many countries have been through civil wars and the horrible effects that the civil wars have on everyone involved. Syria's brutal civil war is displacing thousands of people. Many seek asylum but many times it takes too long so they reserve places on smuggler's boats for thousands of dollars. Frequently they are promised a nice, sturdy boat but instead end up with a tiny, leaky fishing boat with hundreds of people packed on board. The Syrian refugees who seek a safe haven in Europe have to cross the Mediterranean Sea trying to avoid the deadly water and vicious authorities. Numerous people are worried about where the asylum-seekers will live and how they will affect different countries. My first source,…show more content…
The journalist, Adam Lebor, praises Germany's Chancellor for allowing so many refugees into Germany. He points out that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has a soft spot for those fleeing their home country because of dangers there. She lived during the time when Germany was split into West Germany and East Germany. She lived in East Germany until the Berlin Wall fell and they moved into West Germany and she reminisced about how accepting and helpful they (West Germany) were when people moved there. Lebor then goes on to explain Merkel's other motive for letting so many refugees in. Germany's population has been falling in recent years and they are in need of more workers to help support their economy. He criticizes Europe's asylum and refugee system. Some of the bigger countries such as France, Germany, and other Scandinavian countries have taken hundreds of thousands of refugees but most of the former communist states, which haven’t had enough time to be culturally diverse, are very reluctant in allowing asylum seekers into their countries. For example Slovakia is only accepting a few Christian refugees claiming that there is a lack of mosques in their country. Lebor finishes his article with a story of a man, Ahmed, and his family, which includes his wife, son, and parents, and their excitement "to live in a country [Germany] that will give [him] security, freedom and a future for [his] family" (qtd Lebon

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