The Wife Of Bath's Tale Analysis

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In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” the reader was able to determine that even the most rude and stuck-up people can change and become a better person, as long as they put in the effort. In the text, the knight had raped the lone woman, and instead of being beheaded, the queen told him that he must find out what women want most (Chaucer 139-140). The queen told the knight that he had a year and a day to find what women want most, and if he fails to find it out, he will be killed. On his journey, the knight ran into many women and asked them what they wanted most, but they all came up with different things. Later on in the story, he found an old lady that offered to help him, as long as he does whatever she says, which he accepted to do (Chaucer 142-143).

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