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Ruining Amendments: Rejecting Homosexual Marriage Usually, people ignore or don’t considerate enough about an event no matter how that major or minor is by forgetting the amendments because it is really common happen that human only look for their liberties and comfortability immediately. However, there was an amazing event: legalization of same-sex marriage. Homosexual people overcomes the problem of their marriage as a personality right, religion, and society. ‘Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.’ This is a small part of the 14th amendment that shows the guaranteed rights of citizens. Homosexual people also have same rights to love someone no matter his or her sex and have their marriage. If their marriage is rejected, that means people who reject the marriage breaks the homosexual people’ own and unalterable life. In the meanwhile, the liberty of marriage of homosexual people are ruined. Therefore, rejecting the homosexual marriage is rejecting the 14th amendment. If the people who opposite the marriage want to reject it, they should have tried to change the amendment like changing ‘any person’ to ‘non-homosexual person’.…show more content…
However, the 1st amendment does not mean that religious people can ruin other liberty and life of homosexual people. It is so ridiculous that religious people behave as they like making something to be good for them under the constitutions. That means they abuse their rights. Actually, there are so many religions in United States. However, there is no reliability that only few of religions, especially Christian, is taken for grounds to opposite homosexual

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