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Joshua Joshua was one of the most influential and important people in the Old Testament. He helped to lead the Israelites to the promised land and cross the Jordan river, which Moses was originally tasked to do but was unable due to the sins of the Israelites. God elected him as he was strong in character and in faith. He also had experience in leadership from commanding the spies to go and scout Canaan. Without the faith and demeanor of Joshua, Israel may have never made it to the Promised Land. Joshua came from Egypt and was probably a part of the original generation to travel to the Promised Land. He was of the tribe of Ephraim and was the Son of Nun. In his many years of service of the Lord and leadership of the Israelites, God said that…show more content…
He was a great and successful follower “The Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel as He had earlier exalted Moses. Up to now, Joshua had been a servant, humbly serving in God’s shadow, learning the ways of God.”(Believers Bible Commentary pg. 242) Faithful means to be reliable, trustworthy, and thorough in the performance of duty. Joshua never faltered in being faithful to Moses. He obeyed everything; for example, when Joshua was selected by Moses to lead the Israelite army into battle against the Amalekites, he led them bravely and God was preparing him to be a warrior. Joshua also accompanied Moses up the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments. Joshua would also guard the tent of meeting and would frequently remain in the holy place even after Moses returned to camp. Joshua had the opportunity to observe his mentor in the good times and bad. He watched his mentor make mistakes as well as accomplish great things while learning from both. Joshua remained loyal to Moses even when significant others tried to get him to join their opposition. Joshua recognized the importance of being subservient to leadership and submissive to God. Macdonald (Believers Bible Commentary pg. 242) There were good reasons for Joshua to be strong in his faith: God’s promise, a sure victory; God’s word, a safe guide; and God’s presence, a sustaining power. Joshua was willing to spend significant time as a mentee under Moses. Therefore Joshua was ready to lead and be used by God in a mighty way. Joshua was an active follower because he didn’t mindlessly follow everything Moses
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