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After the end of the American Revolution among the colonists and the British, the United States continued to expand their nation and compromise with European countries. This is significant to the US History because this was the beginning of the resilience of the United States after being ruled by the English. Laws were created for the nation in order to protect the rights of the citizens and preserve their freedom. In 1787, the Northwest Ordinance was written by the Second Continental Congress during war and took effect in March 1781. It also authorized a system of government for the territory by accepting states from the Northern states. In 1791, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution were established also known as the Bill of Rights which stated that the rights and freedoms won in the Revolution are preserved and protected. The Bill of Rights also relieved the common fears of the Confederate nation since it limited the power of the government and promised freedom. Washington’s Inauguration in…show more content…
The British removed their forts from U.S. soil. The British also allowed the U.S. to negotiate separate treaties with the Indians. The following year, The Pinckney Treaty was signed which permitted Americans to have access exploring the Mississippi River and Florida. The access to the Mississippi River gave the United States bargaining and trading privileges which bettered their economy. The Treaty of 1778 strengthened the alliance between America and France. If British forces were to invade the U.S in the future, the Americans would be prepared. However, the U.S was not honoring the franco-American Treaty of 1778. To avoid war with France, President Adams sent three U.S. representatives to negotiate a peace agreement. Three French representatives known as X,Y, and Z, demanded a bribe of $250,000, an apology, and a $12 million loan. This became known as the X,Y,Z

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