'Mr. Lazar's Analysis Of Can Christians Wield The Sword?'

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Analysis of “Can Christians Wield the Sword?” This is an analysis of “Can Christians Wield the Sword?” by Shawn Lazar in Grace in Focus, November and December 2014, pages 21-25. The following is the impression that Mr. Lazar gives in his article. Mr. Lazar presents Jehovah as a god of war. He is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek god Ares and the Roman god Mars. According to Mr. Lazar, war and violence are love: They are the highest form of love that Jehovah can express. Whether against their subjects or foreigners, rulers show their love through war and violence. War and violence are expressions of God’s will and love. Likewise, oppression expresses God’s will and love. The only time that war and violence are sinful is when oppressed people…show more content…
Lazar has explained why God almost never answers prayers for peace. His warmongering God loves war so much that He ignores the promise that His son made in Matthews 7:7. Moreover, Jesus must have erred when teaching “blessed are the peacemakers.” He should have taught “blessed are the warmongers.” Contrary to what Jesus claims, warmongers, not peacemakers, are the sons of God. At least this is what Mr. Lazar implies. By following the policy that war and violence are the solutions to all problems, rulers are obeying God’s will. When done by rulers, war and violence solve all problems. When oppressed people resort to war and violence, they solve nothing for themselves other than to commit a great sin and act against the will of God. Such Mr. Lazar implies if not out right claims. Mr. Lazar is obviously an Israeli-firster, and like most Zionists he seems ready to defend Israeli imperialism to the last American. Why should anyone who claims to be a Christian wants to support the Antichrist? According to John’s definition of the Antichrist (1 John 2: 22), both Jews and Moslems are Antichrist as they deny Jesus is the Christ. If a Christian is to choose sides, should not he support the one whose holy book considers Jesus to be a great prophet and oppose the one whose holy book considers Jesus to be a sorcerer and a bastard. The Koran presents Jesus as a great prophet. The Talmud presents Jesus as a sorcerer and a

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