Dee Myers 'Closing The Confidence Gap'

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Rawan Abu Al Rob 59042 WRI 101.30 Formal Academic Critique In partial completion of WRI 101 American University of Sharjah The article “Closing the Confidence Gap” written by Dee Dee Myers (2008) discusses women’s issues and inequality in society and business due to their own insecurity and dominance of men. Myers is a graduate of Santa Clara University. She is also the first woman to attain the position of White House Press Secretary. The author appears to have very diverse knowledge about her topic, which proves her to be credible. Dee Myers served as White House press secretary during Bill Clinton's first term. She was the first lady to hold that position. She is a helping manager to Vanity Fair, a political investigator and analyst, and a teacher on…show more content…
Myers conveys her message effectively by including many supporting facts and researches, which strengthens her argument. In the article, Myers tackles the issues women face in business and society. She states that the reason behind male’s dominance in business is not due to them being the more successful gender but due to females doubting themselves. This insecurity causes them to fall in the shadows of males. The researches that Myers provided show that academically both genders are equally intelligent. The reason why men are usually dominant in the business is because of their confidence and ego. Women and men have different ways of dealing with situations. Women have a tendency to use a friendlier approach in their language, which paints them as a weaker figure. On the other hand, men use a charging dialect or any strategy to attain their objective. Another difference is women are unvocal regarding their demands. They often avoid negotiations unlike men who favor negotiating. In fact, Myers mentions that “men initiate negotiations about four times as often as women” (2008, Good Girls Don’t,

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