Man On Wire Film Techniques

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On August 7, 1974, twenty seven years before the 9/11 tragedy, a young Frenchman did what was believed to be impossible… walk across the Twin Towers on a tightrope. This is all accounted in the 2008 participatory documentary, ‘Man on Wire’ which was directed by James Marsh. The film techniques enhance the purpose of ‘Man on Wire’ by showing the emotion and difficulties that the characters go through. This is shown by the voiceover narration, background music and interviews that are used in the film. The background music that accompanies the film enhances the mood of the scene. By this, the viewer thoroughly immerses into the film, creating an understanding of the hardships that the characters goes through which helps the viewer connect to the characters. At the beginning of the film, a low toned and slow tempo soundtrack is played which creates a sense of suspension. Through this, the viewer can see that the characters went through a time of uncertainty which is felted by the audience. The soundtrack also makes the viewer constantly think what is going to happen next which helps the viewer fully connect to the film. Again in the moments of relief and less tension, the background music is usually…show more content…
Through this, the viewers can experience the sincere emotions by listening to the tone of the voice therefore, adding meaning to the purpose. Near the climatic moments in the documentary, Philippe’s (the narrator) voice changes from a calm and consistent tone to a very pitched and spontaneous tone which is very significant. Through the tone in his voice, the viewer consciously translates the tone into an emotion and in this case, the pitched and spontaneous tone is interpreted as a sense of fear and uncertainty and vice versa for the calm and consistent tone. Therefore, through voiceover narration, a mood is created which enhances the emotion of the

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