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Despite the many controversial beliefs during their time, the authors Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee establish their view on the relationship between religion and science in their play Inherit the Wind. The play is based off of the Scopes Monkey trial where a man, in the play named Bertram Cates, is put on trial for teaching a classroom Darwin's theory of origin, in a town where it is illegal to teach anything but the bible. His lawyer, whom in the play is named Henry Drummond, does not have the best reputation in the town where the trial is held as opposed to the hometown hero Matthew Harrison Brady, who represents the opposing side of the trial. After a powerful yet humorous cross examination, Cates is found guilty, but the empowering actions…show more content…
There are many holes in the creation stories in the bible, including the one that says the world was created in 7 days. Without clarity on how the world was made, I find it right to believe more in the scientific theory of creation, Darwin’s theory. Also, there are many stories in the bible that do not make sense when one understands the biological function of humans and animals. For example, scientific research proves that Jonah could not have survived in the belly of the whale, and stories like this make it easy to dismiss truth about other biblical entries. Therefore, I choose to believe in the scientific facts of the world rather than the faith based facts, although I would never dismiss the bible completely. Also, there is little physical evidence of the events in the bible occuring, and this makes me belive that only science can prove facts about how the world was formed and other details about it and life on earth. By believing in the scientific facts and discoveries over the years, there is a solid basis from which I can start to understand the world around and how it works. Overall, faith should not be disregarded, but I believe science displays more reasonable and reliable evidence about the

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