Should Stores Be Allowed To Spy On You

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Is there any reason for a store to spy on you? Well, stores are, even on their most common customers. The reason that the stores do such a horrible thing is because they think that them getting data from your phone to help them be successful is ok. Well the real question is, is cell-phone tracking good for the stores shoppers? Spying on shoppers is very bad and it is actually very bad for the loyal customers that are visiting the owners store. I will show you that I am right and how I am right. First, the shoppers DON’T know that they are being speed on. If your going to spy on someone at least give a warning like ‘You are about to go into an area that will track your smartphone’ but they don’t because the stores think that they will lose customers. This next support is from the article Should stores Be Allowed to spy on You? author Joshua Peters talks in the article about how the shoppers don’t even know that they are being spied on. Here is the quote,”Unbeknownst to shoppers, stores across the U.S. are using spying tools to gather information about millions of their loyal customers.”This quote shows that the shoppers are very unaware to the spying.…show more content…
The same article Should stores Be Allowed to spy on You? the author writes,”But this “data gathering” is another case of businesses invading our privacy.” is one quote, another is,”New technology allows store owners to sense customers’ smartphones and track customers’ movements as they shop. Many stores have high-resolution surveillance cameras that can zoom in close enough to see your every freckle. Why would a retail store go to all this trouble to watch you? You guessed it: money.” So here we read about the stores not caring about privacy, they just want

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