Article Analysis In Weingarten's Pearls Before Breakfast

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“If a great musician plays great music but no one hears it, was he really any good?” (Weingarten, 2007) as Weingarten says in his article ‘Pearls before Breakfast’. An unbiased opinion described well within the narrations of the article allow the reader to understand the situation from various point of views and also recognize the reality regarding priorities of our current generation relating to beauty and art. The article posted in the Washington Post described the situation of a famous violinist, Joshua Bell, who performed famous classical pieces in the rush hour at the L’Enfant Plaza Station. The article used examples and opinions from bystanders who both enjoyed or ignored Bell to implicitly conclude that more often than not people do not prioritize beauty and genius in art over the hustle and bustle of work in their everyday life. Gene Weingarten starts off the article with a careful narration of the situation of the L’Enfant Plaza Station by using adjectives and minute, yet helpful, descriptions aiding in involving the readers with where and when the experiment is taking place. He has used this technique of narrative description throughout the story by quoting both experts and involved parties which helps in involving the readers with understandable situations and opinions. In addition to…show more content…
In the web article there are many places between paragraphs where the author puts in video evidence showing the reader of the article the happenings that took place on the day of the experiment. Besides visually supporting the debate, Weingarten also quoted most of the people who either stopped to pay attention to Bell during his performance or did not stop at all just so the reader understands the reasoning behind recognition or ignorance revolving around Bells’ genius display of beauty in

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