Johnny And Ponyboy: A Hero In The Outsiders

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A hero is a person that you look up to and that you wanna try your hardest to be like. Bravery, courage, and personality are the things I look for in any hero that I may choose. Sometimes I choose a hero who has a positive outlook on life, their achievements, and determination. Then again we are all human and we are all alike in many ways that we don’t see. Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy are all Greasers. Greasers just specifically means people who live on the East side of town. Each one is a hero in their own unique way, everyone is eventually. Ponyboy is a smart 14 year-old, but he doesn't really tell anybody. His life has been turned upside down , since his parents died when he was young. He doesn't think a lot of the time, which gets him into a lot of trouble that he could prevent. He is the youngest member of all the Greasers. So everyone in the gang is sort of like extended family ,since he only has his two brothers. Ponyboy is a hero because he experiences more deaths at a young age. More than any teenager should really. The thing about Pony is he takes the deaths and makes them mean something to him and everyone else. He takes it upon himself to make them mean…show more content…
He is 16 years- old and hes always the gang’s pet. Johnny has been jumped buy the Socs numerous times. The boys all say that everywhere you see him , he always has a switchblade in his pocket because the Socs scared his so bad. His parents abused him and the gang is the only people that show him love. Johnny is a hero because no matter how afraid he was of the Socs, he would still walk around like he wasn’t scared. Even though on the inside, he was scared to death. Johnny chooses Dally as his hero, because of the way he lives. Johnny is a hero by the way that he stands up for people like those two girls, Cherry and Marcia. He has a sense of purpose and justice. He sacrificed his life for little children. If that isn’t a hero, I don’t know what

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