Examples Of Heroism In The Outsiders

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What makes a hero exactly? Some people would say that a hero is someone with courage, kindness, and does the right thing because its the right thing to do. I was asked to make a paper on how Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally in the book Outsiders by S.E HINTON are classified as heros. First you have to understand who they were as people. Johnny Cade a 16 year old kid who was ponyboys bestfriend because of the kindness that he has that is similar to ponyboys. He was just a scared black haired kid who always did the right thing and was scared ever since he was jumped by the socs. He never had done anything bad unless it was to help others. From my point of view I saw johnny to be a hero when he saved ponyboy from drowning because of the socs but had to kill bob in the process. Another example of more heroism is when the church was burning while children were still in there and he saved them because it was the right thing to do to save those…show more content…
He started smoking when he was 10. But he always did his best to please his brothers and get a good education like his brother darry wants him to. He does good in school but he is in a gang which can be described as a family of sorts. Hes kind, cheery and was heroic when he and johnny went and saved the children that were inside the burning church in which he saved kids. Dally Winston he was kinda like johnny's brother if johnny had one. He was what you would say compassionate towards johnny. He may have seem tough and like he didn’t care about anything besides himself but on the inside he cared and he showed it. During the church fire ponyboy had caught fire on his back and dally being dally put out the fire on ponyboys back. He with heroic force and a bit too much force he slapped the fire off of ponyboys back which knocked him out but he still put out the fire and dragged pony and johnny out of the burning

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