Johnny's Tragic Hero In 'The Outsiders'

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The building is on fire. You don’t know how it started, but one minute you were playing in the backroom of the church, the next there were flames everywhere. It’s getting harder to breathe, but you and your friends keep screaming anyway. When you saw this place after you had the picnic lunch, you immediately wanted to play inside. Even when Mrs. O’Briant warned you not to go in, you still wanted to. Now, after sneaking in and the fire starting, you wished you had listened. Suddenly, two boys rushed into the room. One tells your screaming friend,“Shut up! We’re goin’ to get you out!” The boy pushes the window out, and started tossing out your classmates. When another man comes in and tell the boys to forget about the rest of you, they don’t pay attention. You’re the last one to be thrown out, and right as you are, the church started to fall. One of the first two boys was pushed out the window, the other got hit in the back with a piece of flaming wood and screamed. Later on, you hear that your parents went to visit the boy in the hospital. He died a few days later. Your mom says he’s an angel, but to you, he’s not just that. He’s a hero.…show more content…
He shows this sense of justice through his actions in the story. As he stands up to Dally, he does it because the girls do not deserve to be picked on. He has the sense to stop him, and tell him “You heard me. Leave her alone.” on page 24. Not only does he show sense of justice there, but on page 56, Johnny kills Bob. Not just because of self defence however. As the Soc tried to drown Ponyboy, Johnny had to quickly think of what to do. He realized that because Bob was killing Pony, in that moment, he didn’t deserve not get hurt back. Later on page 56, he says to Ponyboy “I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you.” Through Johnny stabbing Bob and defending the girls, he showed how he knew what was right to do, and what was

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