The X-Men: First Class

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Even before the film puts Erik and Charles together, it puts them on a collision course. The trailers starts with “Before he was Professor X, he was Charles. Before he was Magneto, he was Erik.” The X-Men: First Class shows the transformation of humans, from who they were to whom they were shaped to become. The film focuses primarily on the relationship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. Despite their differences, they share the core belief of wanting a world where mutants are accepted members of society who can live without fear. They fundamentally they want the same thing, but just have very different ideas on how to achieve this end. The split in ideologies can be traced back to early adulthood for both men. Their upbringing could…show more content…
It shows that being a mutant, or just simply being different, can be a lonely path in life. A simple mutation of a gene can expose one to the harsh judgments of society; they become misunderstood. Indeterminate to manage the difference, there becomes segregation between the humans and the mutants. Even worse, people resort to genocides to rid those they do not understand. In some cases, mutants are also being experimented on for the selfish gains. This prejudice forces the mutants into hiding their abilities when possible. Raven for example takes on a temporary form of a normal human being to hide her blue skin. Angel has her wings embed at the back to make it look like a tattoo. The mutants grow to believe that they are the only individuals with such powers. We see a relief amongst the young mutants when they are finally able to talk about their “imperfections”. Knowing that they all shared a gift made them realize they are not alone. The issue of hiding one’s true self parallels with real situations where people often hide their sexuality or religion so as to not feel different, to basically conform to society. When one realizes that being different itself has another group, they feel safe that they are now the “same”. It’s a cycle really. If each one is a freak, then together they are a band of
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