The Outsiders: Was Johnny Known As A Hero?

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In this book of The Outsiders, it told about how each Greaser was known as a hero. What the Greaser has did for not only for themselves but what they did for others. In my opinion hero is to me as courage, and bravery. The way Greaser had shown was that they had put other before themselves. How Johnny was known as a hero was from helping save the kids. He had ran to the church to save the kids that were trapped. Johnny went and help Ponyboy because he wasn’t going to try to let him save them alone. How he is also a hero is because he is a survivor, you could say he lost both parents at an incredibly young age because they don't care for him. He and his brother "Dally" were able to get threw it together little by little. He is known to value knowledge and education. The way his heroic it compared from my way of hero is that Johnny was admire to his brave deeds and he thought of others needs than himself.…show more content…
He risked himself also to help at the church were Johnny was trapped. Dally only cares for himself unless it was about Johnny. He went threw so much in his younger age. He’s always been kicked around, ignored, and abuse all his life. Socs were scared of him. Even though Dally never had a normal healthy childhood he always tried to stand up and be a good person. Nobody never had seen Dally mean, upset, or ever mistreating others. After Dally's death he has told Ponyboy “Stay Gold” at first he didn’t know what he was talking about, and he remember what Johnny had said was the poem of Robert Frost that he had said when he and Ponyboy see the sunrise on the top of Jay

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