Why Did Henry VIII Change The Church Of England?

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In 1534, Henry VIII decided to change the religion in England to the Church of England in which he would be the head of. There are many possible reasons for this life-changing event in history, some of which are his need for money and power, his need for an heir and the disputes with the Catholic Church. However, historians are not completely certain of the main reason. One of the many reasons as to why Henry VIII broke with Rome is his requirement of a successor. Catherine of Aragon was originally supposed to be the wife of Henry’s brother, Arthur. When Arthur died, Henry married Catherine of Aragon in 1509. However, she had many miscarriages and had not been able to give birth to a son, only a daughter. Henry required a son to keep the Tudor bloodline going. When Henry VIII became infatuated with Catherine of Aragon’s lady in waiting, Anne Boleyn, in early 1525, he asked her to become his mistress. He was amazed when she refused, saying that she would only surrender her virginity to the man…show more content…
One of the many disputes between Henry and the Church was that Henry wanted to be able to choose the important figures in the Church. However, the Church disagreed with this as they thought that the Pope should be the one to choose the main people of the Church. Another infamous argument with the church is when Henry wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon. The Pope denied his proposal. This is because both Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon with Roman Catholic and in the Roman Catholic Church, divorce was not allowed. By creating the Church of England, Henry would have been able to control all the priests and their actions. This would solve the first dispute. He would also be able to create his own rules and punishments for the people who disagreed with him or got on his bad side. The argument about the divorce between Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII would also be

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