Examples Of Heroism In The Outsiders

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The definition of a hero is someone that will sacrifice their life or body to help someone in need or in danger at no cost. A hero can come in many shapes, form, or color. Who would have known that three gangbangers would ever turn out to be heroes? In the book The Outsiders there are three gangbangers, Ponyboy,Johnny and Dally who turned out to be what I consider amazing heroes. These three boys were low down and didn’t have a care for anybody.These people smoked, cut , fought, stole and were uneducated. Ponyboy and his struggles such as mom and dad dying in a car accident and left to be raised by his older brother would make people believe that he is an outsider instead of a hero. He is apart of a gang call the greaser.He smokes and goes out at anytime of the day.…show more content…
The meaning of hero is often misunderstood. A hero doesn’t have to be a person who has done good all of their life. The thought of someone helping others is a kind act from the heart , so the act of these boys being a hero had to already be in their heart. .If you think about doing something or trying to help someone your fear will probably get the best of you.You can barely know the person that you help, but it’s just that instinct or something in your mind that makes you help. Ponyboy and Johnny jumped out that car without even thinking because of their mind instinct. Even knowing the risk of getting trapped and burning up in that old church did not stop them. Even though Dally screamed at him and told him to get back here or even though the teachers said it’s too dangerous to go in they still did it off of instinct.They rushed in and got the children out even when the roof was about to cave in. There were still kids in there they still was trying to get the remaining kids out of the

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