Heroes In The Outsiders

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What is a hero? A hero is someone who does anything to save one’s life. This may include losing their own. A person’s character alone can put you in the category of a hero. A hero is someone who tries to help another when they are going through a tough situation. Heroes are people who understand what someone is going through and do all that they can to help them. Who are the heroes in The Outsiders? Dallas Winston was a hero. A lot of people know Dally as the boy who is rough and careless. He’s always in trouble. He is known for having a criminal record as long as his arm. The night Johnny killed Bob, Dally helped Johnny and Ponyboy escape. Ponyboy’s shirt was soaked from when the soc was drowning him so Dally gave him a dry one so he wouldn’t…show more content…
He knew Johnny did it to save his life. Ponyboy saved those innocent children. That alone speaks for his character. When him, Johnny, and Dally arrived at the old abandon church, they noticed a lot of commotion. They overheard a lady say that some of the children were missing. They heard screaming from inside the church. Instantly, Ponyboy instincts kicked in. Ponyboy said, “I’ll get them, don’t worry!” (Hinton 78) Even after the fireman, Jerry, said that he’ll get them out, Ponyboy went upon himself to go inside the burning church to rescue the innocent children that he has never met before in his life. This speaks for how good of a person Ponyboy is and shows that Ponyboy has good character. It wasn’t until Ponyboy was in the church when he realized his friend, Johnny, had come along. Friends like Johnny are good friends to have because he was also risking his life. One by one they started to pick up the children. It was about four or five of them. They all seemed to be about eight or nine years old. The church started to crumble so Johnny pushed Ponyboy out. When Ponyboy was out the church he heard a faint scream from Johnny. Ponyboy was somewhat distracted because Dally had slapped him hard on the back. Dally only did this because Ponyboy’s back was in flames. Luckily he had on that jacket because that’s what saved
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