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1.1: Discuss models of strategic change. John P Kotter’s Model: Kotter’s refer leading model for considerate and managing transformation. Each step reflects people’s reaction and methodology to change. Kotter’s eight step model can be define as, 1. Generate Sense of urgency: Sense of urgency build importance of work and motivates people do work in a real way. Target is achievable before timeline and impact on production and profit. 2. Build the guiding team: Place competent people in their position, they will support and direction provide at the bottom level. Make a team with commitment, determination, motivation and realistic in their duty. 3. Strategic vision: Make a short strategy and vision, concentration on creative features and achievable…show more content…
Make short term wins: Take no of initiatives and manage in short term period. Make achievable target and get finished earlier new task. 7. Sustain acceleration: Maintain continuing growth with willpower and inspire people for motivation.Highlited attainable goal and upcoming innovative. 8. Organization change: Make strategy change and emphasize people for accommodating different responsibility. Give reward for successful change and build values. Kubler Ross Model: Kubler Ross model explain grief cycle and mainly attention on sadness and death. It is valuable and gets awareness about individual and different people’s emotional response, transformation and grief. Kubler Ross model define grief cycle in five stages. 1-Denial: Disowning the reality, evidences, situation and knowing. It is a natural while dealing shocking situation. Death cannot be avoid and persons turn into locked. 2-Anger: Dealing with sensitively sad person particularly families can be anger. Anger person isolated and separate to others. Negotiating can be impact on anger person in upset condition. 3-Bargaining: Discuss provide bearable solution in bereavement condition. Sad person turn into isolated condition and strive for help. Usually, talk to the person and believes on…show more content…
The leading factor organization modify its external environment include management, principles, vision and policies.12 Key dimensions modify system of organization and These features effects on inspiration level which overall impact on organization performance. Change model provide supportive pillars and real change. Burke & Litwin change model identify 12 dimensions and each dimension define as, 1. External Environment: The vital external factors which impact on the organization need to be recognized and their impact on organization would be openly formed. 2. Mission & Strategy: Strategy and mission should be review from top to bottom level management prior to implemention.Employees view point should be consider and valuable feedback. 3. Leadership: The hierarchy of management and leadership should be defined and structure describes roles and responsibilities. 4. Organizational culture: Organizational culture should be clear and practicable. It policies and values reflect organization behavior and their effect on employees. 5. Structure: The hierarchy structure should be focus on roles, decision making and rights and it should not be limited. Structure mechanism should be function in the right

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