Case Study: Australian Hardware

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Assessment Task – 2 1. Read the case study “Australian Hardware” (Appendix 1). Assume no improvements have been made and the company is still operating in the same way today as when in 1967. 2. Consider the following scenario: Your manager as per organisational process for continuous improvement has asked you to develop a performance improvement strategy, brief the management team, develop the idea with the team, seek the team’s approval and seek final approval from your manager. After reading this whole scenario as a manager I will point out one issue which could help the company to be at the way to progress and company can easily compete with the day today industry. I think in 1965 due to…show more content…
3. Develop a one page performance improvement strategy related to competitiveness. Include: • Strategic goals: Strategic goals should be according to company’s prime goals so they can be achieved. For Australian hardware strategic goals should be how to manage the company properly and how to deal with the problems company facing. The goals should be focused on the future and company need to know how to deal with day today problems and how they have to manage and run the business according to today market. • Description of proposed process or amendment to current process: In the given scenario their need to do some amendments in the current process so that company can compete with the modern market. The main drawback of the Australian hardware was that they stick with their traditional way of business and did not move on with the modern market. Way to do the marketing and other process how to handle the future market was not changed with the…show more content…
Key performance indicator will set on production and every area of the company to measure the performance of every area of the company. 4. I talked to the assessor and the other group member and the different views which it got from them about my strategy are as below: I distributed the strategy to team members including assessor and ask them to read it carefully so that we can make the decision about implementing the strategy. We sat together in the meeting room and had discussion about pros and cons of the strategy and team members suggested different suggestions to improve the strategy and we discussed the suggestions they gave their pros and cons and after having consultation with assessor we decided not to do any change in the strategy. Then I discussed the session time with assessor to make sure that discussion with assessor about strategy can be done. 5. Lead session: a. Discuss options and work through group suggestions: - I lead a session and have discussions with group. I got the suggestion note them down and then had cross questioning on the suggestion which were made. I tried to find out advantages and disadvantages of the

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