Barari Group Case Study

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Company profile Established in 1980, Barari group grew from a small money and gold exchange shop to a solid international trading house with different interests in dates trading, car tires and batteries, auto spare parts, money exchange and gold trading. Specializing in the dates industry, Barari group has become a business leader in the supply of dates from various origins. Barari group exports dates to over 50 countries inclusive of US, Europe, Russia and CIS markets. TASK 1 1.1 Using examples, discuss the role of strategic marketing in your organization. (150 words) (A.C.1.1) Strategic marketing plays a key role in the overall growth of the organization through developing competitive advantages in relative to market offerings. It also…show more content…
(250 words) (A.C.2.1) In this part, I will be considering one model for each of analysis, planning and evaluation. SWOT Analysis is a strong tool that allows you to look at the strengths and weaknesses you have at your organization while at the same time open your eyes for the opportunities and help you overcome the threats you might face. It helps you shape a clearer strategy with competitive advantage by giving you an insight about yourself as well as your competitors. However, its dynamic factors should be updated regularly and carefully interpreted by an expert. For example: Strengths  Quality control and own processing plant Weakness  Supply chain management and risk…show more content…
With the current polished zahdi , we expect to have competitive advantage against the Egyptian dates in terms of the price and quality. Our fist year sale is 297 MT and we expect to double the figure by the second year. Our objective is to capture around 10% of the market share by 2019, around 2500 MT, and we aim to create awareness for our product's quality. To achieve this objective, Barari has set clear marketing mix. The product will be high quality, polished and graded packed in 10 kg green boxes. It will be sold at an affordable price to capture wider range of customers. The product is to be sold to whole salers through a highly experienced distribution company specialized in importing and distributing dates in Indonesia. Distribution centers and modern fleet are available as well. The distributor will be promoting the product through personal selling and direct marketing. As mentioned previously, the key success of the strategy would be a combination of the marketing tactics to deliver integrated messages to the customers in an aim for capturing a distinctive place in their

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