John And Elizabeth Proctors Relationship In The Crucible

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John and Elizabeth Proctors relationship has changed dramatically since the beginning of the crucible. At the beginning of the crucible Elizabeth really isnt present, although she is mentioned by Abby. John gets extremely defensive of his wife, it is obvious that he loves her enough to protect her and defend her name. Act II, when Elizabeth is first present, they are arguing about the food in which he had prepared for john. He doesn't like the food and he seasons it behind her back when she isn't looking. But here he is at least making a effort to make the situation a little better. This is when he asks for forgiveness, he is willing to “pay” for what he did but he wonders when the cold shoulder treatment will end. Miller promotes that Elizabeth Proctor is a moral women, brought up to be respectable.…show more content…
This causes Mr. Proctor to start having a internal conflict with himself, the pain of what he did to his wife is eating him up, but what is hurting him the worst is that he has to have a constant reminder about the whole situation. When He asked for forgiveness there is no sense of change within his marriage nor the ability for full reconciliation with Elizabeth. Every conversation that the Proctors have it seems like miller always brings up his adultery. Miller demonstrates this when Proctor is unable to say the commandment against adultery, which reflects the crisis of the proctors marriage. At the end of act II, is when Elizabeth gets accused of witchcraft and has to go to trial, once again John comes to defend her verbally. Act III, she is taken and jailed. John doesn't know what else to do, and after pleading with the court he admits his sin to the court. This demonstrates that John still has morals and he knew that Elizabeth would be the only one who would know and tell the

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