The Crucible Allegory

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William Ellison “The Crucible” prompted #3 9-26-14 In the story “The Crucible” there is not many characters. Yet still there is a lot of depth to each character. This play is an allegory and a crucible starring the good farmer John Proctor. This is his story of dealing with the Salem witch trials. This essay will be on prompt number three. The first female character in this story we really get to learn about as well meet is Abigail Williams. Abigail is a young 17 year old girl who used to work for Proctors. Abigail is the niece of Reverend Parris who took her in. Abigail watched as her parents were killed turning her stone cold to those who take what she wants from her. One day Abigail and the man of the house John Proctor slept with one…show more content…
Abigail is wicked when it comes to hatred for those who get in her way. She will through others under bus just to save her own skin to. She practiced witch craft to put a hex on Elizabeth, which didn’t really work on Elizabeth. The hex worked on John leading to his hanging. She was the one who was drank blood in the woods. She turned to Tituba for help on how to get rid of “Goody Proctor”. Abigail ruined John’s marriage by willingly sleeping with him getting herself fired and causing the loss of trust in John’s and Elizabeth’s relationship. Abigail does her deed of falsely accusing others of witchcraft and when John comes to reveal her lies she skips town with Tituba, and Mercy Lewis who all leave to go to Barbados. Leaving the people of Salem to their fate and to rebuild after little…show more content…
She knows who the Russian spy is but due to the spy saying she say that she was an accomplice she kept quiet and helped the spy. Than when she realized that the spy didn’t care about her family she tried to tell the authorities. When she told the spy turned the tables and said that she was the spy and forced her to be an accomplice to her crimes. The innocent was put in jail for a while but when they realized the spy had got away and lied about the civilian they let her out after a long stint in jail. Elizabeth Proctor is the main Protagonist’s wife. Introduced in Act 2 of the play. She caught her husband John Proctor cheating on her with their hired help Abigail and promptly fired her. Yes a lot of trust was lost in John and Elizabeth’s relationship was lost in this incident, but there relationship was already on the rocks when they hired Abigail because when John was supposed to be taking care of the kids and the field while she was sick he was out roaming the streets and getting

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