Thompson's Rise To Fame

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First, he obtained a ton of free global media exposure, social and otherwise, with very little effort. All of us basically did the work for him in getting the word out that Thompson is starting his own federation. And, in so doing, will attempt to highjack the acronym to which he's been associated for many years – the NPC. How scandalous! This move, in turn, attracted lots of attention, especially on social media. Now, without spending a dime, Thompson has gotten all of our attention. Merely leaving quietly and starting his own federation would have garnered him zero attention. He'd be just another disenfranchised member of the club with an axe to grind and no one would care. But, try to steal the NPC? Now, that's something to talk about. And talk we did, do, and will do; this is simply too big a fish not to fry. Next, Thompson now…show more content…
His is thee organization most affiliated with national level champion bodybuilders and other physique athletes. The great champions and Olympians of the 80's, 90's and the 2000's have all cut their teeth in the NPC – Manion's NPC. To be an NPC champion is prestige. It's an honor, it's where you win your pro card; it's the door through which you pass to chase your dream to the Olympia stage to compete for the title of your idols. No one can replicate that, and no amount of glitz and “revenue sharing” can make up for it. Of course if you dangle enough money in front of someone they may jump – it's certainly happened before - but, if your heart is the heart of champion, and you're good enough, then you're holding fast to where you are. No top national contender is going to blow a chance to be an IFBB Pro. Thompson offers nothing comparable; he can't and he never will. Even if he gives away a million dollars he's never going to attract the athletes closest to the top of the NPC who have what it takes to turn pro. He's fishing in the shallow

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