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According to Olubanke M. Bankole “biological deterioration is when living agents are involved in the degradation of library and archival materials”. Biological agent is referring to mould, insect and rodents that can cause damage to the records and archives. Paper which is organic is subjected to biological infestation by mould spores, insects, rodents and mice. The high level of relative humidity and temperature with complete absence of light and the availability of nutrients will lead to the presence of these agents. The combination of temperature and relative humidity explains why serious and conspicuous mould deterioration occurs more rapidly. Rats, rodents, mice and silverfish are the biggest pest threat records. Even though other insects not harmful in themselves may attract pests that will cause damage. Glues, binding adhesives, sewing thread, and even paper itself actually…show more content…
Banks, “biological agents can be divided into four categories which is surface growths, insect vermin, animal vermin, and plant agents. Surface growths refer to bacteria, fungi, algae, lichen and mosses. These categories are not necessarily harm but some of them release metabolic products which are corrosive, and other invade the surface of substrata and cause of deterioration. While, insect vermin are referring to the predominant damage or deterioration to construction materials caused by insects occurs with timber and timber based on products. In addition, animal vermin refer to rats and mice who grow timber and harm building materials.” In addition, there are two groups of biological agents. First groups are determined as Macroorganisms. It is referring to those living agents that can be seen with the naked eyes. The biological agents that is refer to insects and rodents. Then second groups are Microorganisms which the living agents that cannot be visualized with the unaided eye. It can be seen only with the microscopes such as fungi (moulds) and

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