Importance Of A Skype Interview

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Speaking with a client recently they mentioned that they’re going to be called shortly regarding a recent application that they made. They mentioned casually; ‘It will only be a Skype call’. Immediately alarm bells rang in my head. Only a Skype call I thought. No, it is your first round interview. Be under no illusion, Skype it’s a full head on interview. In response to a job application and you get an invitation to a discussion by Skype it doesn’t seem to have the same connotation as being asked to attend in their offices for interview. ‘Lets have a Skype discussion’ smacks of very something very casual, relaxed, no big issue just a little chat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being invited for such a discussion is an interview that will have been planned, your C.V. scrutinised, possible background checks made and a list of inquiring questions prepared. Be under no illusion, your Skype call is a short listing exercise.…show more content…
The fact that this is on line and for you, possibly being conducted from the comfort of your own home, it gives a false sense of security. In preparation for a Skype…show more content…
I was conducting a Skype call with a client and over his shoulder; in my line of sight I could clearly see an open plan living room and staircase in the background. In the middle of our conversation, in the distance a lady went up the stairs, talking on her mobile phone, clearly after taking a shower as she had a big towel wrapped around herself. Needless to say this broke my concentration. She was clearly oblivious to the fact he was on the phone and he oblivious to her behind him. She disappeared out of sight and that was

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