Foreign Expatriates In Malaysia

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The topic of this study is determined the success of foreign expatriates in Malaysia. In the previous chapter which is chapter one , the researcher will discussed about the background of the study, problem statement, research objectives research questions, significant of the study and organizational of research. The chapter one represents as a basic and essential chapter for the following chapter in business research methods. Besides, in the chapter two, literature study on the success of job performance for foreign expatriates in Malaysia will be evaluated in this particular chapter. The researcher also identifies the theory of the success on the job performance of foreign expatriate. The independent variables include language proficiency,…show more content…
According to Caligiuri (1997), it states that there have different outcomes measures for the expatriate success and the most common ones are include expatriate adjustment, completion of the assignment, and job performance. Job performance can regards as a set of behaviors that are relevant to the organization’s goals and effectiveness as the outcomes that caused by these behaviors (Marlin Abdul Malek, Budhwar ,P., Sebastian Reiche, B .,2014). The three factors that will affect the job performance of foreign expatriate in Malaysia are considered as independent variables which are shown in the research framework above. The first independent variable is the language proficiency (Shaffer, M. A., Harrison, D. A., & Gilley, K. M., 1999). A person must fluent in the host country‘s language in order to become effective in communicating (Takeuchi, R., Seokhwa, Y., Joyce, E.A.R., 2002). The following independent variable mentioned above is the family support (Gilligan, R., 1995). Many studies have identified family support as a critical factor in determining whether an employee will accept an assignment, perform well to the assignment and complete the assignment (Wilson, M.S and Dalton, M.A.,…show more content…
These education institutions were being selected in the list by using the simple random sampling method. A total of 100 questionnaires will be distributed randomly at the selected education institutions within this study. A total of 50 questionnaires will distribute to the human resource management staffs while another 50 questionnaires will give to the foreign expatriate themselves. The foreign expatriate were asked to review their job–related performance and the human resource management teams are required to evaluate the job performance of foreign expatriates in their education

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