BNQA Criteria 2: Strategic Planning Analysis

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BNQA Criteria 2: Strategic Planning Summited by: Bikram Prajapati, King’s college International American University Subject: BUS 700 Capstone Submitted to: Dr. Joe Siegmund and Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma Date: Dec 3, 2014 Criteria 2: Strategic Management This chapter covers current status of Strategic management of the organization, Jobs Dynamics. It is revealed that Jobs Dynamics has made remarkable progress in Strategic Planning. The purpose of this section is to analyze the strategic development, formulation and implementation system of the organization. Strategic development Strategic planning is a process of developing long term range plans to deal with environment opportunity and threats in light of corporate strength…show more content…
Long term Relationship, technology Environmental scanning: Jobs dynamics analyze environment opportunity and threats in light of corporate strength and weakness. Based on the analysis and current trend they focus on developing long term and short term goal. They does SW-OT analysis and external environmental analysis to capture information about where they need to improve. They does market research to understand changing dynamics of the market. The JD more focus in strengthen internally. In the current environment they are more focusing on developing services for corporate, business to business client and to NGO. Various expertise are called for to analyze their strength. Based on the evaluation, they develop further strategy, needed training, resources to deal with the same work. The strategy develop for once project is more likely same to other project too. Hence there is no specific method to analyze environmental analysis in JD. They does SW-OT…show more content…
The knowledge that their employees holding ensure the success of the plan. Five expertise are involve in the organization and depend upon the type/ nature of the work, they find out the expert and build team to work. The regular five employees perform regular duty and support the expert. They ensure there is right person available in right time to execute project. More ever they are conducting various training and development program to their employee. They are investing in the people and developing the core team that will perform and hold different skills and competences in order to execute work. JD are powered by the technology. They have their own IT infrastructure established in the organization. By using corporate network they share knowledge. Technology enable the sharing of knowledge. The modern technology all are placed and necessary training are provided to human resources. The user friendly website helping job seeker to find the reputed positon opening in different organization. They placed all the technology infrastructure that they need during the

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