Emmie Light Short Story

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Emmie Light was born on May 23, 1965. Born with powers bestowed on her by the fairies of The Willow Trees. With a mere touch of her fingertips she could manipulate the elements and control all aspects of nature. Her auburn hair matched the color of the leaves in the fall. Her hazel eyes and soft tan complexion made her seem delicate. Emmie grew up in The Meadow, once ruled by Queen Sophia, Emmie’s great-grandmother. Before Queen Sophia died she wrote in her will that her necklace made of sapphires and diamonds as well as a crown with small diamonds and an amethyst jewel placed in the center, would be given to her great- granddaughter. A year before Emmie was born, Queen Sophia died and and the jewels were stolen by the pirates of The Underwaters and later…show more content…
Im half-human/half wisp. I saw that you looked a bit lost.” He smiled “Oh. Wait how do you know me?” She got up and stood to face him getting ready for what might turn into a fight. “Again im half-wisp i know everyone and everywhere just not thoughts and feelings. You are emmie light. Queen sophia's great-granddaughter.” “Oh well, Im looking for the City in the Stars. My maps and books say i'm where i should be but i feel lost.” “Well, that wont be difficult, look above you.” Max pointed to the stars and a glimmering light shined right above her. “Why do you need to go there?” max said “Im looking for the jewels my great grandmother gave to me as an inheritance” Emmie stared into the sky and stared in awe at how bright the city had shined. “Come on let's go!” Max turned into a blue light and began to ascend to the city. Emmie dropped her hands to her side and winds and clouds picked up under her feet. When she arrived to the gates of the city she felt tricked and lied to. The City in the Stars that was described in the books said the city lit up like a ray of light shining into a prism and emitting several colors and it shimmered, but before her eyes she say a city of abandoned buildings and

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