Mistake In The Novel 'Green Grass Running Water'

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Green Grass Running Water mini-essay #1 In the novel Green Grass Running Water a mistake is a symbolic and meaningful process that signifies the perfect imperfection of a beings creation. Making a mistake is not just a process that can be ignored, because the importance of that mistake help make the essence of that being; mistakes symbolizes the imperfection of a being, but mistakes are not without consequences.it is necessary to know the importance of making a mistake because that mistake is a symbol that nobody is perfect. Mistakes symbolize the perfect imperfection of a being. A mistake is proof of a being imperfection, because a mistake symbolize the misconception of the being. However, a being cannot be perfect without mistake, because in order for that being to be perfect…show more content…
Although mistakes are essential for a being to exist it is not without consequences. These consequences are there to guide and ensure that the same mistake does not happen again. The significant of the consequences is to prove that beings are constantly learning. In Green Grass Running Water the consequences of a mistake is first realized when ‘I’ explained to ‘coyote’: “It’s that noisy dream of yours, […] it thinks it is in charge of the world” (1). This shows that mistakes has consequences, because now coyote knows that he has to get ‘dog’ under control. Furthermore, consequences can led to good events happening, but consequences can sometimes be difficult to handle like when Lionel made his “first mistake [of] wanting to have his tonsil out” (30). The consequences of the mistake are not to be seen as a punishment but as a lesson that can only be learned by experience with mistakes. Therefore, mistakes are not without consequences, but consequences can be a punishment or and reward. Mistakes are not without consequences, but consequences can be either a punishment or a

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