Personal Essay: The Mistakes That Took Years From Me

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The mistakes that took years from my life, and the life from my years..... She is stupid. She feels she is always right. She is jealous of all. She is always like this. She has never been true. She has betrayed. She is a bad person. Even, she is a characterless woman. Are these statements really true? Have I been always stupid? Have I been always been jealous? Have I always been a bad person? Have I always been characterless? Do I not have any qualities of a good person? Have I never done any good to anyone? I was never helped to get over it. It actually has murdered my self-esteem, and happiness is hard to come by if I am again and again made to feel shitty about myself. I wished someone to understand why I did what I did. We all love to generalize our behaviour and the behaviour of others. I would just say that whatever I have been,…show more content…
I take responsibility for making the choices I did. I want to answer to myself for the choices I made, even if I made them without fully knowing the consequences at the time. But I know I made the choices that I could with the information, resources, beliefs, and values I had at the time. Even if it was a horrible thing to do and I know it was not the right way. I still made the only choice I knew how to make under the circumstances. Who I am now is not who I was then. However, I am responsible for both. I do understand my state of being that have done things I am less proud of. Mistakes have helped me discover who I truly am. With every mistake that I made I discovered more and more about myself, about who I am, about my limits, about my capabilities, about what I can and cannot do. They helped me be more compassionate and more tolerant with myself and others. By making mistakes I have in fact learnt valuable life lessons and have become a happy learner. Mistakes are a part of being human. They have made me human. I have learnt precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard

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