JP Morgan Chase's Autism At Work Case Study

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1) How did this initiative get started in this company? JP Morgan Chase’s Autism at Work program launched in July 2015. The initiative began when a high-level executive at JPMC was approached by a HR Business Partner. This outside party broached the topic of whether the firm would be interested in hiring qualified individuals on the spectrum. To get the ball rolling, they reached out to a manager in a line of business that they thought would be a good fit for employees on the spectrum. This happened to be James Mahoney who at that time was the Chief Quality Officer for Mortgage Banking Technology. The program started with a four-person pilot, called Team Chimera, in the Delaware Office of Consumer and Community Banking Technology. Team…show more content…
He was quoted saying “in Global Technology, it just makes sense for us to hire this kind of talent.” Additionally, James is often quoted saying that the program is “not a charity, it’s a talent play.” Overall, technology is a top priority for the firm. The company aspires to not only be recognized as one of the world’s leading financial institutions but also a leading technology company. As a result, JPMC isn’t just competing with other financial services firms, it must also compete with any firm that might have a need for Quality assurance testers, or software engineers, and technologist. Faced with this issue of high demand but low supply, the Autism at Work program taps into a talent pool that has been largely untapped. Autistic adults are largely underemployed and unemployed. Moreover, there are many qualified adults on the Autism Spectrum that have never been able to get a job or hold onto it because of conventional forms of interviewing and employee screening. At JPMC many of the company’s internal metrics show that the performance of individuals on the spectrum in certain functions exceeds that of their neurotypical peers without Autism. Therefore, James thought this program was important because these individuals are adding value to the…show more content…
As mentioned above the Autism at Work team is still small. Currently, James and Anthony are the major champions but as the program expands, I think managers that have seen positive result will be the biggest champions for the program. Subsequently, the team is strategic about which managers they reach out to and which lines of business they pursue. There is an understanding that not all managers, management styles, and lines of business will be conducive to individuals on the spectrum. 5) Does the company have hiring of persons with Autism characteristics as an articulated business

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