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Deosil is the term we use when we mean “clockwise” or with the sun’s apparent direction of travel across the sky(in the northern hemisphere). In the northern hemisphere it is seen as “positive”, creative, and symbolic of life . It’s also seen symbolically as the direction of growth and increasing, as well as “having time”. It has been the traditional direction of movement used in Paganism and Wicca. It’s opposite direction of movement is “widdershins” or counterclockwise, which is seen as “negative”. In the southern hemisphere deosil is actually the opposite(counterclockwise) and is therefore often seen as “negative”. To me, living in the Northern Hemisphere, deosil means clockwise and moving with the sun or “sunwise”. Deosil to me represents going with the flow of life, aligning with the natural direction of the cycles, such as the sun and moon, and the wheel of the year. It is positive, natural, and powerful. It feels like life,…show more content…
I feel it’s very positive and “building”. I would use it to raise a cone of powder, and in rituals, ritual dancing, and spell work. I would use it to cast a circle. I would use it often in the kitchen when stirring, whisking, mixing and kneading to add positive energy and light into the food I prepare. I would use deosil when blessing a home or when using incense for cleansing and clearing work. I think it’s important to know the term “deosil” because it is a commonly used word in wicca. It’s also a very heavily used concept in everything from rituals, circle casting, spells, to ritual dancing and kitchen witchery. It’s important to be able to understand the meaning and principles of deosil and how to use it in your own magic work because it is so heavily used. Also because it’s such a powerful energy and can be used to create positive changes in your life. Not to know and understand deosil would greatly hinder your efficiency in your magical work, as well as limit you in my

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