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Fragile X Syndrome and effects on learning and development “Fragile X syndrome is the leading inherited cause of intellectual disability” (Lizbeth H. Finestack, 2009). A single gene mutation on the X chromosome causes the syndrome. It affects about 1 in 4,000 males and 1 in 6,000 to 8,000 females. (Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and, 2006). Fragile X syndrome, also known as Martin-Bell syndrome, was named after two men, Martin and Bell, who discovered, in 1943, that the condition is X-linked (Fast, D. & Abrams, L., n.d.). Fragile X affects all races and ethnicities. Fragile X syndrome varies in in severity. Most children with fragile X have some type of learning disability and behavioral difficulties. No cure is…show more content…
When a full mutation is present, it causes the gene to turn off. The gene is then unable to make the protein it regularly makes. The protein normally is found in many types of cells but mostly in nerve cells. The protein is thought to aid the brain in development and communication with other nerve cells. Fragile X gets its name from the appearance of the X chromosome under the microscope. It appears very fragile as if it is hanging by a thread and could break at any moment. (Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and, 2006) Males and females are both affected by Fragile X Syndrome. Males are more frequently affected in comparison to females due to the fact that males have only one X chromosome. Males are also generally afflicted with greater severity of the syndrome. In most cases females exhibit milder intellectual disability, behavioral difficulties and less pronounced physical…show more content…
The lack of social-emotional skills along with social skills tend to come from the added frustration a child with Fragile X feels because he is being understood. (Bruno Estigarribia, 2012) Special educators and mainstream educators can help remedy the behaviors by implementing strategies to manage the behavioral issues. Educators need to state the rules clearly. They must have procedures in place and established consequences. They then need to ensure the review of the rules and procedures regularly to assess understanding. Just like most children with learning disabilities, children with Fragile X thrive on praise and positive reinforcement. When the child exhibits applicable behavior the teacher should acknowledge that behavior to help the child understand what is expected of him. Students with Fragile X also benefit from classroom environments that allow the child to move around the classroom and be involved in hands-on activities. Alternating quiet activities with active ones help children with Fragile X to better focus and understand what is being taught. Students with Fragile X often have the same learning style as those students with Autism. Educators should be aware of the techniques to help these children

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