Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity, to me, is what makes me who I am. Cultural identities can be so complicated for just about everyone. They can be impacted by sports, family, school and their daily lives. Everybody has one whether they know it or not. Sometimes you have to really think about it to figure it out. My cultural identity was basically formed when I was about five years old. Ever since then my life has revolved around baseball, football, school and family. That is my everyday routine. My family, friends, coaches and even teachers help me with any problems I have. They help me to become a man and to have a bright future. They are what makes my cultural identity. My family has probably the biggest impact on my cultural identity. They give me rides to school, sports games and practices, and anywhere I want to go. They help me with homework as well as any struggles I have dealing with anything. Even if they have no idea what I am going through they are more than happy to help me to get passed it and be happy. School also has a big effect on me and my cultural identity. I have been going to school my whole life and even though I didn’t like going to school when I was little, I look forward to it now. I love learning new things everyday and seeing my friends. Teachers are…show more content…
Mostly baseball and football. I have played both my entire life and I still love to play them everyday. Baseball helps me to build a stronger bond with friends as well as my family. Almost my whole family plays or used to play baseball or softball. Football is really fun to play and it helps me get closer to friends and meet new people. Football as well as baseball keeps me healthy and in good shape. I feel like sports could really help me to do something with my life and help me to have a very bright future. I hope to one day attend the University of Florida and play baseball and/or football for them. I hope to never stop playing sports, they are everything to
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