Irreversible Damage Analysis

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The Irreversible Damage Caused By Joseph Stalin “Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.” -Joseph Stalin. In the early 1900’s Russia was on the verge of a revolution. For decades the country had been in an immense struggle between the Czars (rulers of Russia) and the people. Corrupt leadership and inequalities throughout the Russian society eventually lead to a revolution. Nevertheless when Russia started fighting in World War One it was evident that the spark had been ignited and the insurgency had begun. And as Europe approached the end of the war, Russia further advanced into chaos. Vladimir Lenin, a revolutionary leader, rose to power and lead the Russians into a rebellion to seize the Russian government. Lenin successfully…show more content…
Through the decades of Stalin’s tyranny, a vast quantity of individuals were deceived, unknowingly following Stalin and the Soviet government, unaware of the actual circumstances. Manipulation granted the government freedom to falsely spread one-sided information. Commonly propagated statements included the expansion of the communist’s economy and society which is to be guaranteed inaccurate. However in actuality mass populations of people were dying regularly and the development of society was diminutive. Annihilation was also common throughout the Soviet Union, for any individual who opposed Stalin. This elimination later described events of the Great Purge. “The Great Purge…was Stalin’s way of dealing with political opposition…” (Stalin’s Great Purge: Over A Million Detained, More Than Half A Million Killed) Death tolls rose to millions over the gruesome years of the Great Purge. Military Leaders succumbed to death by the hundreds, leaving only ten out of the one hundred and seventy highest officials. (Document 5) Stalin, a tyrannical dictator, manipulated and slaughtered millions of the Soviet Union’s population, and furthermore opposed and derogated…show more content…
Totalitarianism engulfed the Soviet Union into a western nightmare. Individual’s private and public lives were dominated by the government and the tyrannical dictator Joseph Stalin. Stalin controlled the economy, the people, the military and everything associated with the country. The population’s individual rights became limited, almost as if the whole country were slaves. People were forced to do as the government instructed, working eating and doing however informed to. This lack of individualism lead to the loss of creativity and uniqueness, other European countries possessed. “[There is] no room in our ranks for whimpers and cowards, people must [be] selfless…” (Document 6). No longer did one person matters, but each individual was just another Soviet, working for the government. Through the loss of individualism, there was also the loss of religion. Religion focuses on the individual, which communism and the Soviets wanted nothing to do with. Stalin forced the population to abandon religion, proposing it was fake and unworthy of people’s belief. Soviets tore down churches, killed church clergymen and religious leaders and commanded the church officials to elucidate everything the church taught was wrong. “[People] cannot be neutral towards religion...religion is opposed to science. The party cannot be neutral

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