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The Effects of Super Typhoon Yolanda Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines is also known as the typhoon Haiyan in the other country. It was one of the most destructive and extreme tropical cyclone in the Philippines based on the record of 2013. Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda initiated from an area of low pressure several hundred kilometers east-southeast in the Federated States of Micronesia o the 2nd of November 2013. The following day the system of tropical depression was developed until it became a tropical storm. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center also known as JTWC calculated the system as a category 5 which is equal the super typhoon because of the hurricane wind scale. 8th of November 2013, the typhoon hit the area of Visayas particularly on Samar and Leyte. The speed of the wind exceeding from 220kph,it combines with strong winds, heavy rains resulted a efficient Super typhoon. Filipinos said that “It is the deadliest and Dangerous typhoon that they’ve witnessed’’ as they experienced the terrible destruction of the nature. Six thousand three hundred people in the Visayas Region were reported to be dead, and it doesn’t include the missing bodies of the rest that is stroked by the Super Typhoon. It also the extreme storm recorded at landfall. Many have been left homeless.…show more content…
There are lot of countries that helped and donated relief goods to the people of Samar and Leyte, they supported the Philippines to build and create new homes and infrastructures to start up new beginnings in the lives of the survivors. Until January 2014, the pain and traumas was still in the heart and mind of the survivors, but then there is life so there is still hope to stand tall and face more big challenges in

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